5 Reasons Why Hydrovac Is Perfect for Your Winter Projects

5 Reasons Hydrovac Is Right For Your Construction Project

Without a doubt, Hydrovac has become one of the most popular methods of taking care of winter projects in the world. Whether you need trenches, or you’re looking to dig around the property before rearranging the entire landscape, there are many benefits of doing so in the winter with the help of a Hydrovac service:


  1. If you’ve handled construction projects or construction for pipeline services in the north of the United States or in Canada, you already know how effective Hydrovac is in colder climates. Digging activities can be performed easily on hardened, cold ground, and many Hydrovac trucks also provide heating facilities.
  2. Hydrovac is considered the fastest and most efficient digging method currently in use on US soil. Jobs that could take days are accomplished with a single Hydrovac truck within hours.
  3. Creating accurately carved trenches or testing underground utilities can be a real nightmare during the winter, but it’s entirely possible and quite straightforward with the help of a Hydrovac service.
  4. Hydrovac doesn’t cause any damage to the surrounding area, which is a great asset in the winter, when nature is more fragile, and it can be quite easy to irreparably damage a tree or a natural habitat, if your workers are not careful.
  5. Hydrovac is non-destructive, so if you do your job and call 811 before starting the excavation process, the accuracy and finesse of this digging method will leave pipes and utility lines unharmed – a feat that’s much more difficult to accomplish in the winter cold.