3 Ways That Hydrovac Is Better Than Vacuum Excavation
three ways hydrovac services for excavation are better

Hydrovac and vacuum excavation are currently the best options for all kinds of excavation projects. Both methods are based on modern and automated equipment that uses high pressured water jets and, respectively, a high-velocity stream of suctioned air. These technologies are incorporated into special construction vehicles, which are used to dig in the most non-disruptive manner.

The Hydrovac services Colorado has to offer are ideal for a variety of applications, including locating and exposing underground utilities, excavating sewer lines and plumbing pipes, clearing environmental boring holes etc. Both methods have significant and similar advantages: minimizing the risks of damaging underground utilities, performing highly accurate digging, and ensuring a safer and cleaner work site. Additionally, the fact that they are more precise and much less invasive, makes these methods less harmful to the environment, thus more eco-friendly.

But what is the difference between these two excavation methods? Well, you should know that hydrovac is actually the best of them, and here is why:

  • Hydro excavation works even in frozen soils, due to the onboard water heaters that aid it in cutting through
  • Hydrovac does not produce the sandblasting effect
  • Water reduces wear on the components in the air stream, so the equipment will have a longer lifespan

Before deciding between hydrovac and vacuum excavation, you will have to know the soil conditions, sized debris, jobsite requirements and, of course, availability of a water source.