3 Reasons Why Hydro Excavation Is Increasingly Popular

Hydro excavation Calgary offers is a relatively new digging technology that uses the power of vacuum and of pulverized water to create trenches and holes. The method has so many benefits that it is among the most popular excavation solutions used today – here are some of the qualities that account for that popularity:

  • Effectiveness in a safe and non-invasive way – hydrovac moves the soil with the help of water pulverized with high pressure and removes the slurry generated right away with the help of vacuum, performing two tasks simultaneously for increased efficiency. The technology does not involve any mechanical digging, which makes it safe in areas where there might be hidden underground utilities or where tree roots need to be protected;
  • Suitable for digging special holes – hydrovac machines can be equipped with very long arms and nozzles of various sizes, which makes the technology suitable for excavating trenches and holes of almost any size, even in locations that would be impossible to get to for conventional excavators;
  • Safe for the environment, too – hydrovac leaves the extraction site completely clean, with the slurry deposited safely in a separate tank that is then taken to a water recycling facility for treatment.