3 Potholing Tips from Excavation Experts
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Potholing in construction refers to the investigative method used to reveal hidden underground utilities to ensure the safety of the construction process. In some situations, the explorations are easy and straightforward, while in others they are more complex and require special equipment. Here are some tips from hydro excavation Calgary area experts to make the process easier for you:

  • Choose the right excavation method – potholing can be performed manually, but the best and safest way to figure out whether there are any hidden utility lines and pipes underground is with the help of hydro excavation. This method uses the power of water to break down the soil and extract the resulting slurry with the help of industry-grade vacuum. This combination makes digging completely safe, even if the utilities found are potentially dangerous.
  • Schedule the excavation for when the weather is nice – hydro excavation machines can certainly work when the weather is bad, but good weather makes it much easier.
  • Make sure that your machine gets the right nozzles and accessories – hydro excavators can move soil over a large area and they can also dig very narrow and very deep holes. When you schedule the excavation work, make sure that you get a machine fitted with the right type of accessories for the setting and the work you need done.